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If you want a material for your pool area the ideal choice is unglazed mosaic tiles, as their surface is highly slip-resistant. Additionally, they are resistant to scratches.

Unglazed porcelain tiles are made by utilizing a blend of natural pigments and clays. These materials then go through a firing process of 1250 °C. The process for unglazed tiles stops after the firing.

Natural clay utilized in creating unglazed porcelain tiles has mineral deposits that provide their colour. Additionally, they can also acquire it through the addition of other natural pigments to the clay.

These pigments can be designed into various patterns that will run through the entire tile. And since the body colour is universal from top to bottom, such tiles are known as “full-body” or “through-body” porcelain tiles.

Full body unglazed nonslip swimming pool mosaic tile. Unglazed tile is slip-resistant and is suited for commercial installations both indoor and outdoor.

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